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livingoodrealty.comPhoto.jpgHello, I am Gary Livingood, yes, LIVINGOOD, and that is my real name. I am the Broker/Owner of Livingood Realty Group, Inc. You and I can assume that if we both got this far, with you clicking and reading, and me with this website and Real Estate Brokerage, that I have the expertise to be doing this. Thank you for your interest! Yes, I am a real estate investor, broker, property manager, past appraiser trainee, foreclosure certified and experienced, have remodeled several homes, flipped a few, know about construction and design, etc… Let’s get to the interesting things. After all, it is a combination of life experiences that make us successful, who we are, and how we expand our relationships. Which is what we are doing here, expanding a relationship.

I was born in Tokyo, Japan, as my father was in the military. I have been to Japan three times since then and love it – beautiful people and country. I was raised in Houston, Texas, YEE HAW! The Actor bug bit me when I performed my first play in elementary school. This was my passion throughout my school years. I attended a small college in Texas that boasted the fame of Sandy Duncan (if anyone knows anymore who she is) and that Steve McQueen was suspended from school for riding his motorcycle through the cafeteria, or so the story goes. For many years in Houston I was gainfully employed as an actor – yes, some actors actually do get paid. Plus, I worked for a scenic studio, building props and installing theatrical fly systems. This was my early start in construction and design, which comes into play for real estate. That was my Texas story.

California Here I come! Again to work as an actor, and yes I did get paid.... now and then. Interesting how none of my commercials run anymore, the Soaps I was on are now off the air and my bit movie roles ended up on the cutting room floor. Except for the movie “Sex Bomb”, and no, it is not what you may think. Theatre was more my thing as an actor, dancer, director and choreographer. My theatrical and gymnastic ability landed me a job as the original mascot for the Harlem Globetrotters. For three years I toured the world with them, hence, Japan three times and many more fantastic adventures. Oh, and somewhere along the way I bought my first investment property. Throughout my theatrical career (and between pay checks) I worked all aspects of the catering and restaurant industry. This naturally led me to starting and co-owning a prominent catering and event production company. We also managed a historic restaurant and event venue in Hollywood. This is where more of my business skills developed, which is vital to real estate. After hanging up my apron, I realized that the passive income from real estate investing had been steady throughout my journey. So I bought a few more properties, got my license as an appraiser trainee, which led to my becoming a real estate salesperson, and on to a broker. And so the story ends, but the journey continues.

I truly enjoy my real estate career and the many people I am privileged to work with. I hope you will be one of those many people and that you will find out what LIVINGOOD can do for you.

Thank you for your indulgence and warmest regards,

Gary Livingood


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Gary Livingood
Gary Livingood
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