Encino, CA School Guide

Encino is home to some of the most beloved and highly successful schools in Los Angeles. Teachers in this area are committed to the progress of their students, and parents appreciate the bond pupils and proctors form while striving to reach their maximum potential. In addition to outstanding secondary and postsecondary schools, Encino is also home to several elite colleges and universities! 

Public Schools 

publicschools2.jpgThe Los Angeles Unified School District operates public schools in Encino. The LAUSD prides itself on excellence and is determined to provide a first class education to its students. It is the belief of the LAUSD that every child is of equal worth, and that preserving dignity is paramount to achieving potential.

Los Angeles Unified School District 
This is the largest public school system, in number of students, in California and the second largest public school district in the United States. The LAUSD employs its own police force, operates as many buses as the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and serves an estimated five hundred thousand meals daily. 

Elementary Schools

ComputerClass.jpgEmelita Street Elementary School 
This Elementary school was founded in 1953 and currently educates grades K-5 with a standards based core curriculum in intimate settings where children receive special attention to achieve their maximum potential. 
17931 Hatteras Street, CA 
Phone: (818) 342-6353 

Encino Elementary School 
This robust Elementary school was built in 1916 and features a warm, friendly staff, active parents, and a diverse student body. EES is committed to the development of their talented students and provides a challenging and supportive curriculum. 
16941 Addison Street, CA 
Phone: (818) 784-1762 

Lanai Road Elementary School 
Beloved Lanai Elementary enrolls roughly five-hundred diverse K-5th graders and partners with active PTA and booster clubs to maintain accountability and support. 
4241 Lanai Road, CA 
Phone: (818) 788-1590 

Middle Schools

privateschoolchemlab.jpgHesby Oaks School 
This Elementary and Middle School reopened in 2006 and recently scored in the top 10% of LAUSD schools in standardized testing. 
15530 Hesby Street, 
Los Angeles, California 
Phone: (818) 528-7000 

Mulholland Middle School 
This focused community of learners is located near the historic monument of Mulholland Fountain. Teachers at this school are dedicated to citizenship, scholarship, and achievement. 
17120 Vanowen Street, CA 
Phone: (818) 609-2500 

Portola Middle School 
Named for famed explorer Gasper de la Portola, this middle school specializes in educating gifted students and provides fantastic after school programs. 
18720 Linnet Street, CA 
Phone: (818) 654-3300 

High Schools

Birmingham Community Charter High School 
Highschool.jpgFounded in 1953, this coeducational charter school collaborates extensively to create a supportive and challenging environment for each of its students. In addition to enrolling its students in a comprehensive core curriculum, BCCS offers various academies of elective courses in areas of concentration ranging from music to social justice. 
6435 Balboa Boulevard, CA 
Phone: (818) 345-0626 

Raseda High School 
Offers a safe, secure environment geared toward learner centered curriculum anchored by performance review and supportive relationships. 
18230 Kittridge Street, CA 
Phone: (818) 758-3600 

Private Schools

In addition to the multitude of premier public institutions around Encino, there are also a number of private schools in the area with unique specialties and approaches.

PrivateSchool.jpgLos Encino School 
This small elementary school utilizes a variety of instructional strategies to promote progress and achievement. 
17114 Ventura Boulevard, CA 
Phone: (818) 990-1006 

The Learning Center Foundation 
Specializes in custom fit educational curriculums and enjoys an unparalleled reputation for counseling and aiding individuals with learning disabilities. 
16944 Ventura Boulevard #8, Encino, CA 
Phone: (818) 783-6633 

Westmark School 
This school emphasizes positive energy and specializes in students with language based learning differences. Their small class size specialized teaching style make Westmark one of the finest learning institutions on the coast. 
5461 Louise Avenue, CA 
Phone: (818) 986-5045 

Colleges and Universities

CollegeStudent2.jpgIn order to further the culture and societal wealth of the area, Encino boasts several premier institutions of higher learning.

Pepperdine University: Graduate Campus 
This elite private institution offers graduate courses in psychology, education, and law at the campus located directly in town. 
16830 Ventura Blvd # 200, CA 
Phone: (818) 501-1600 

Phillips Graduate Institute 
This graduate school offers courses in school counseling, education, family therapy, and psychology as well as doctoral degrees in professional counseling. 
5445 Balboa Boulevard, 
Encino, CA 
Phone: (818) 386-5629 

CollegeStudent1.jpgLos Angeles Valley College 
This community college offers the opportunity for students in the valley to begin their higher learning journey and is a fully accredited junior college. 
5800 Fulton Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 91401-4096 
(818) 947-2600 

Columbia College Hollywood 
Offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Telecommunications and specializes in liberal arts and film study. 
18618 Oxnard St, 
Los Angeles, CA 91356 

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